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German Team Profile

The German juniorís national team (Age group 83/84)

The German juniorís national team of the age group 1983/84 is well prepared for the Tournament of the World Championship in the Iran. Next to the training camps in advance of the WCH final round the team played Ė with only a few exceptions Ė as the VC Olympia Berlin in the menís first national league in the season 2002/2003. And the performances and the result of the players of national coach Michael Warm donít have to hide: After the normal round of first and second match they had four victories and four defeats on their record against the best menís teams in Germany.

The German Volleyball Federationís aim of this project is to give the players the chance to compete sooner on the level of the men. Furthermore the season is a preparation for the WCH qualification and the World Championship. The gained competition experience in the season in the national league is supposed to prevent the team from loosing their form in critical situations.

Successes of the squad 83/83:

2nd place at the 2001 8 nations tournament
5th place 2001 juniorís ECH
3rd place 2002 menís junior ECH