Men's Junior World Championship 2001
Competition Formula


Preliminary Phase - August 11 to 13

16 Teams in 4 pools
Poland Japan Russia Cuba
China Korea Argentina Brazil
France Italy Tunisia Venenzuela
Slovakia Ukraine Saudi Arabia Greece

This competition is played with the new rules: Rally Point Scoring System, best of 5 sets, sets 1-4 to 25 pts, set 5 to 15 pts; 2-point lead in each set.

The pool rankings after the 3-day round robin Preliminary Phase are decided by the total number of points gained by the teams (win = 2 pts, loss = 1 pt, forfeit = 0 pt)
In the case of an equal number of points being gained by two or more teams, the FIVB General Regulations, article 8.3 (set quotient), shall apply.
The 4 last-ranked teams in each preliminary pool are eliminated.

The teams ranked 1st take part in a Seeding Play-off Round.
The teams ranked 2nd and 3rd take part in a Elimination Play-off Round.


Play-off Rounds - August 15

> The Seeding Play-Off is played by the 4 preliminary pools' winners. It is used to determine the seeding in the Quarterfinal Round. The order of the 2 matches is decided by draw.

> The Elimination  Play-Off is played by the teams ranked 3rd and 4th in the preliminary pools. The order of the 4 matches is decided by draw (2nd's vs. 3rd's)
The 4 winners of this Play-off go to Quarterfinals.


Final Round Round - August 17 to 19

> Quarterfinals  -  Aug. 17
with the 4 Preliminary pools' winners and the 4 winners of the Elimination Play-off

> Semifinals  -  Aug. 18
The 4 losers of the Quarterfinals play for places 5-8
The 4 winners of the Quarterfinals play for places 1-4

> Finals  -  Aug. 19
Classification Finals for places 5/6 and 7/8
Medals Finals 1/2 and 3/4