Olympic Games 2012 Volleyball Men (Height, Age)



Height of the top 4 teams per playerfunction

Volleyballcoaches often discuss about the importance to select tall players. In overview two tables with some facts about this subject. First an overview of the height of players for the top 4 teams OG 2012 London by playerfunction:



The height in cm connected to players in the gold and bronze match men OG 2012 London

The table shows the conclusion that the average height in top volleyball is different for each playerfunction. It appears that in the men's volleyball the libero is the shortest player and the middle-blockers are the tallest. Second tallest are the opposites. The setters are the shortest after the iberos, although the male setters relatively are considerably taller than female setters, respectively 195 cm for men and 173 cm for women. The receiver-attackers have for men an average height between the heights of the other playerfunctions. The average height of the 4 top teams in men varies around 200 cm (between 196 cm. and 203 cm).



1.    Height plays a role, but the average height is different for each playerfunction. Volleyball at the highest level is ideally suited for players of different heights. For men the range is between 183 cm to 218 cm. On the lower level there is an even greater spread of these figures visible.

2.    The common theory that volleyball is a sport exclusively "for tall people" is not correct.

3.    Only selecting the tallest players seems in any case not a wise option.

4.    These height figures are indicative for selecting talents for topvolleyball but at what age?


Height of the men teams (longitudinal section 1968 - 2012)



Age of the top 4 teams per playerfunction



ITA, USA and BRA are in the average the oldest teams over 30 years old. They have five resp. four players over 33/34 years old. This gives them a lot of experience and teamcohesion. In the top eight teams players are seen from 23/24 years old except for BRA and USA. BUL and ARG have five resp. four younger players under 23 years old. Both the youngest teams. Thee players under 23 are an exception and in total 10% of all the players in top eight teams.


Age of the men teams (longitudinal section 1968 2012)