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Qualifying for the first time for the Olympic Games at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament and reaching the quarter-final can be considered a success for the surprising 2006 World Championship bronze medal winning team. It also proved the continuous development of this young team.


General remarks

Serbia had by far the youngest team (average age 23,5 years, 6 players born 1985 or later). The mean body height of 187cm (without libero) represents good presuppositions for attack and block performance.



·         The young diagonal player No 2 Brakocevic performed a striking aggressive jump spin power with several variations (rank 3 in players’ ranking). Floats and jump floats with varying speed were dominating service techniques.


Serve reception

·         Against jump power services always with three players, against floats and jump floats also with three players, but with less incorporation of the serve reception/attack player (2+1).


Set / Attack Complex 1 and Complex 2

·         Excellent, calm and continuously high quality of the setter (rank 2 in players‘ ranking) – her style is similar to the style of the Serbian male team setter Crbic.

·         Quick attack play in Complex I: In the majority of cases termination of simple attacking combinations from the outside positions, in case the setter is close to the net also applying backcourt attacks from position 6/1. Very quick and efficient one leg take-offs behind the setter.

·         Attack play in Complex II: Backcourt-attack: Outside attacks are dominating; Covering-attack: often the same attacker is spiking a second time; Freeball-attack: Termination of attacks from outside positions, as an alternative backcourt attacks are accomplished.

·         When Spasojevic was not longer available the attacking power of the team decreased.


Block / Defense

·         Adaptation of the starting position for block actions depending on the setting position of the opposing team. The limits of the team’s performance became obvious in the matches against BRA and CUB (average points per set 1,5).

·         Block coverage was arranged depending on the situation in the match (without covering the tip, net player not incorporated into blocking actions, backcourt players on position 1 and 5 or as a combination).