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After the decisive victory with 3:1 against GER in the preliminary round, the team had to play against USA in the quarter finals, and had to leave after the 2:3 defeat against the Olympic champion USA and thus finally came in on position 8.


Team in general

         Team stuffed with younger players, with only 3 players of the OG 2004 (average age 26.0); 3 players under 23 years nevertheless, experienced enough (team average of 113 matches).

         Players behaved cleverly and with experience with setter No 9 Grbic and No 14 Miljkovic, they have two outstanding leading players! (computer assisted game control).



         Combination of jump serve and floater with little direct effect (average by set 0.7) No 14 Miljkovic one of the best jump server (rank 4 0.29 avg by set).

         Mixture of current techniques with excellent tactical adaptation (preparation of block/ defensive situations). Little direct effect (average by set 0.6).



         With players No 8 Samardzic (libero) and No 10 Nikic, reception all in all stable (65 % success); situation-related use of overhand reception.

         3-player formation against jumpserve (or: 2-player formation against floater).


Set / Attack Complex 1 and Complex 2

         The experienced setter No 9 Grbic sets balls in very precise and technically skilled ways. Yet, the distribution of balls with little first tempo (about 15 %) and even rather seldom backcourt attack pos. 6 (Pipe), and also the clear distribution of functions are easy to figure out.

         Attack in complex I: They prefer playing with varying speed via outside positions and with slightly higher number of passes via No 14 Miljkovic (backcourt pos. 1). First-tempo attacks (usually after perfect reception)!

         Attack in complex II: Strong emphasis on high outside attacks from diagonal sets and from backcourt pos. 1 - between 40-50 % go via Miljkovic (top scorer list: rank 3)! Almost no first tempo in counter-attack.


Block / Defence

         Deficit in block compared to the TOP 4 (2.17 compared to 3.0-3.2 avg by set).

         Successfull in group blocks (also in 3-player block) on outside positions No 12 Geric also in the middle of the net! No 18 Podrascanin (list of Best Blockers: position 10) strong on outside positions!

         In defence, strict speciliazation on positions (MB and libero pos. 5; reception-outside attackers pos. 6); with No 8 Samardzic (libero) and No 10 Nikic, they have two very good defenders (in ranking list of Best Digger: position 6 and 8).