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RANKING 2000 - 2008

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WCh 2006


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OG   2008



After a defeat against BRA (score: 0:3), POL – came in third in group B in the quarter finals –  played ITA and lost in the tie break with a tight score of 15:17; after winning the second position in the WCh in 2006, they are now on position 7 in the ranking list.


Team in general

·         Team comprises of two block in terms of age with many experienced players (average age; 28.1 years and 108 matches, 5 players from OG 2004, 7 players from WCh 2006, only 1 player under 24); belong to the “tall“ teams (average height, without libero, 199 cm).

·         Fully developed and well-organized match concept with an outstanding No 5 Zagumny (smart setter); strong outside attackers (No 13 Swiderski, No 2 Winiarski) and with  No 10 Wlazly a very good TOP scorer (computer assisted game control).



·         Good mixture of present serving techniques with appropriate tactical adaptation – average serving efficiency with few points scored directly (average by set 0.9); No 10 Wlazly position 6 in the ranking list of best servers.



·         Very good performance in reception through No 2 Winiarski (rank 1) and No 16 Ignaczak (rank 3) (>73 % success) – use of several techniques of reception.

·         3-player formation dominates; as an alternative a disguised 2-player formation against floats – often taken over by libero.  


Set / Attack Complex 1 and Complex 2

·         Technically skilled and precise distribution of setting as well as individual adaptation – they take advantage of the strengths of outside attackers on outside positions and on backcourt pos. 6 (Pipe) as well as back court pos. 1 (No 10 Wlazly).

·         Attack in complex I: very good coordination and variation of the speed of setting with the attackers on pos. 4/2 and back court 1/6 - vary the proportion between first-tempo attack – back court attack pos. 6 (Pipe) in relation to opponents.  

·         Attack in complex II: Strong emphasis on outside attack with high or half-high sets from the court! Very high effectiveness in attack – 3 players among the top 10!


Block / Defence

·         High specialization in block; first priority in defence, middle blocker goes to pos. 6, otherwise, receiving outside attacker with back court pos. 6 (pipe)! 

·         Belong to the better teams in block (rank 5) with 2.61 avg points by set – No 2 Winiarski  0.6 avg by set; strengths in group block on outside positions.

·         Defensive positions covered constantly (middle blocker or outside attackers pos. 6) – special strength of No 13 libero Ignaczak (anticipating, fast and flexible).