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RANKING 2000 - 2008

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WCh 2006


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OG   2008



After two tight victories against VEN and JPN (score in both cases: 3:2) in group A, China reached the quarter finals; but later, they clearly lost against BRA with a score of 0:3 and came in on position 6 in the end.


Team in general

·         China “youngest“average age 25,6; without libero) and, besides BRA, “shortest“ team with little international experience (average 60 matches) – 9 players played during WCh in 2006!

·         Way of playing/concept of playing adjusted to European teams – regarding: distribution of functions, specialization and organisation of matches from reception and/or defence.

·         Since WCh 2006, individual and group tactical behaviour improved – utilization of computer-assisted analysis of matches.



All in all serves not efficient as yet (jump/floater) – only 0.52 points by set; lack of variation and stability; No 8 Cui (rank 8) best server of the team.



·         Instable reception in case of hard, variable jump serves – sometimes also in case of floaters.

·         Reception in 3-player formation – 4-player formation against very powerful jump serves.


Set / Attack Complex 1 and Complex 2

·         After a good reception, setter No 9 Jiao tries to organize the match fast – with No 1 Bian in the middle of the net, the attack is more flexible and unpredictable – when they organize their playing well and set precisely, the team can finish attacks successfully!

·         Attack in complex I: Fast and variable playing after good reception – distribution of balls still too one-sided – lack of options for setting from 3-m zone.

·         Attack in complex II: in transitional situations (defence and safety) against a group block,   not enough striking force – weakness in finishing attacks.  

·         All in all, efficiency of attack in complex I and II still too low (no TOP scorer).

Block / Defence

·         Difference in performance in block situations when compared to the top four (1.6 compared to 3.0 – 3.2 avg points by set).

·         Low efficiency in serves, causes difficult blocking situations for the team – more successful in group blocks on outside positions; deficits in individual and group tactical behaviour in case of opponents good reception. 

·         Receivers in backcourt attack 6 (Pipe) usually go to pos. 6 – here, libero changes to pos. 5; MB No 11 Yu and No 1 Bian vary accordingly and go to pos. 5/6 after their own serve.