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RANKING 2000 - 2008

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OG   2008



After a 1:3 defeat against RUS, BRA beat China (3:0) and Italy (3:1) in the preliminary round and so reached the final, where they lost a decisive final for the first time since the 2000 OG (1:3 against the USA). 


Team in general

·         Team formation with plenty of veteran, experienced players - 6 players (average age 28.5 years, 4 regular players from the OG 2004, only 2 players born after 1982); together with CHN by far  „physically smallest“ team (average body height with libero 194 cm).

·         Tactically systematically organised game in attack and defence – quick sets over longer distances (computer-assisted game control). 



·         With 78:22 % they prefer an above-average portion of jump serves (RUS, ITA <65 %) with current techniques and good tactical adaptation. With No 13 Endres ranking third very good direct effect (average by set 0.32)!



·         Good, but not excellent reception; only No 10 Santos (libero) ranking sixth in the players’ ranking (69% success). Situational overhand reception and in bump.

·         3-player-formation against jump serve – occasionally 4-player formation, i. d. against No 13 Stanley (USA); mainly 2-player formation against float – here and there 3-player formation with immediate dissolution and take over by No 10 Santos!


Set / Attack Complex 1 and Complex 2

·         With setter No 2 Elgarten and both outside attackers BRA favours a variable play over the outside positions 4/2 and back court 6 (Pipe) with various paths and final hits!

·         Libero No 10 Santos in addition to Elgarten (setter) takes over sets from the court with very good quality to outside positions and back court 1. 

·         Attack in complex I: Prefer a very speedy set - team with the shortest periods for set – however, not always stable in realization!

·         Attack in complex II: Strong emphasis on back court attack pos.6 (Pipe) and pos.1 as well as diagonal sets from the court to the outside positions – altogether too little efficiency of attack (no TOP scorer)!

·         Lack of quality in confrontation with blocks at outside positions 4/2 – too high error rate (>20 %)!


Block / Defence

·         Well adapted and opponent-specific behaviour in block/defence; no stringent specia-lization on positions in block and defence!     

·         Setter No 2 Elgarten as net player occasionally changes the block position (pos.2/4) and/or moves sometimes into short-distance covering during opponent’s diagonal sets!

·         With No 13 Endres – ranking first (1.04 avg by set) and No 4 Heller – ranking sixth (0.64 avg by set) in the best blockers ranking they have very good blockers!

·         Classical specialization in positions in defence with the exception of No 13 Endres G. after own serve – he varies between pos. 5 and 6 (depending on if No 18 Amaral or No 8 Endres M. is playing)!     

·         Good organisation of defence behaviour by libero No 10 Santos – he is convincing as a very flexible and dynamic player with above-average performances!