Short characterization ITALY





BERTONE, Floriana

WCH 2001






WCH 2003



PISANI, Giulia


BAGGI, Rosa Laura

WCH 2005



ZARDO, Carolina (L)



WCH 2007



CAMERA, Letizia


DIOUF, Valentina

WCH 2009



BOSETTI, Caterina



WCH 2011



LOTTI, Silvia




         Italy did not win a medal at the Junior World Championship since 1987 and did not participate at the WCH in Mexico 2009, but was fully back and ready for biggest results at the 2011 edition.

         In the team of coach Marco Mencarelli players from 6 clubs were selected.

         The team was very well balanced with more options on each position which gave the coach a lot of substitute possibilities. Especially impressive is fact, that in the position 4 Italy has 5 players, on the level to play every moment (Nos 14 Bosetti, 8 Baggi,

4 Bianchini, 17 Lotti and captain 16 Scarabelli).

         Opposite No. 13 Diouf was one of the most used players in attack, since she was attacking 309 times, playing constantly in all 8 matches, finally reaching 2nd position in the best scorer list.

         Italy is one of the teams which used all their players for different variations in the game. Often used double substitutions, substitutions just for block or serve were usually very effective.

         Setter Camera used her middle blockers very effectively and at the right moment, (the opposite players were focused on the outside hitters), the middles were taking care of the attacking with lower number of the balls contacted, but highly efficient.



         All players were using float serve, except No. 4 Bianchini was performing the jump spin serve.

         Other players were using jump float (6 of them). 3 out of 6 were combining the jump float with jump float from distance.

         1 player was using only the jump float from distance - No. 17 Lotti.



         Italy was performing reception with 3 reception players. Formation was in some situations adopted into 2+1 formation (in case of front player focusing on attack).

         Italy reached 1st place as best team in reception skill by official statistics. Extra-ordinary team performance and individual result of player No. 14 Caterina Bosetti, reaching 3rd position in ranking of receivers. It was for the opponents very hard to play against Italy, because of the consistency in reception. and for opponents was really hard to get quick points with the serve (only 33 aces scored to the Italian side).



         Since very high percentage of excellent and positive serve receptions, setter was able to execute many variations in attack.

         Players in position 4 were very efficient and not doing a lot of unforced errors even when ball was maybe not ideal for scoring the point. Setter did not force super speedy sets to position 4, but still quick enough to create a lot difficulties for the opposite blockers and backcourt defense.

         Players in the middle were mostly using the slide attack close or far from the setter. Again, all was used very efficient and with very low number of unforced errors.

         Set distribution C1: very well balanced distribution between all the positions. Middle blockers were used just enough to force opponent blockers to pay attention to them. Most balls were set to position 4 and 2 (when No.13 Diouf was front line).

         Set distribution C2: very efficient play to No. 13 Diouf to position 1, after successful dig. Diouf succeeds to score a lot of points in the rally and high set to her position. Middle blockers were used if possible, with slide far from the setter. Players like Bosetti, Baggi, Bianchini, Scarabelli and Lotti, were using a lot of block-out hits in this phase of the game, using sharp line hits from position 4.

         Italy showed the highest number of the attacks from position 6 of all teams. Players No. 8 Baggi, 14 Bosetti and 17 Lotti were very successful. Also opposite player No. 13 Diouf was used for position 6 attack in some rotations, but only in C1 (in attack after reception).

         Italy was 2nd most successful team in attack, reaching of total 36.72 % of success, including player No. 14 Bosetti, reaching the award for best attacker and the opposite player No. 13 Diouf reaching 2nd place in individual ranking of attackers.



         Very efficient running of the block and the defense skills.

         Using mostly the 2-0-4 system (without the direct cover behind the block), but with the great movement of the players if needed. Italy reached 2nd place in the team ranking in block skill, having 86 kill blocks.

         Block was also very efficient with the high number of balls touched and stopped, so defense was much easier after that.

         Very quick movement of middle blockers, even in the case of fast sets from the opposite setters. The effect is top teamranking in the block statistics. Great positioning of block by players Diouf, Bosetti and Biaggi helped to the total success of the team. No. 13 Diouf reached 8th position in total individual ranking of the blockers, following the great No. 7 Pisani on 5th best position.

         Very impressive was also the assistance of outside players in blocking middle attack and attack combinations. When possible also triple block.

         Libero Zardo was used for defense actions mostly in position 5.