Short characterization






The smallest team in the tournament (height average 1.72m), they operated the most complex offensive system run by setter Chian Yi Hsieh. She allowed, middle player Shih Ting Chen (150 points), to be the top scorer in the tournament and used diagonal player Wan Ting Chen (110 points) in many combination attacks. Their middles were the only players who ran and hit 2nd tempo balls behind quick attackers, from either power or diagonal positions.


Overall they were mid pack in skill execution except for setting and service where they ranked higher. No surprise they were last in blocking with only 33 blocks for the tournament. However, you only had to watch their setter to learn that smaller players can be effective in touching balls. Ranked 5th in defense they were not helped by their blocking to achieve this level. Middle Shih Ting Chen had 10 of those blocks to led her team and she was the best attacker in the tournament with 50.79% kill, Libero Yang was efficient in her first contact skills ranked 5th in digging (3.53 digs per set), 4th in receiving (50% perfect), 4th overall ranking for liberos.


Offensive System:           5-1



Defensive System:          6 Back


Free Ball



·         The only team with 3 spin server’s who were all fairly consistent.