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Germany led the competition by sustaining an even level of play in all matches. Team play was very steady, led by setter, Lena Möllers, who ran a very efficient offensive system and used her size in being a very good blocker. Her use of her middles (slide) and powers was extremely efficient throughout the competition. Definitely, the best serving team in the competition (averaging 2.63 aces per set) but they were also in the top 3 in all other skills except for serve receive where they were ranked 5th overall. Consistent skill execution and strong team play led this team to the Gold.

Power attacker Sarah Petrausch was the 3rd best scorer in the competition with 137 points, 4th overall in attack (43.2% kill), 2nd in Service (.67 aces per set), and 9th in digging. Setter Möllers was ranked the best in the setting department, 6th in blocking (.78 per set) and 6th in service (.48 aces per set). Libero Lenka Durr was fairly even in her play and contributed 9th overall in receiving and 6th for liberos.


Offensive System:        5-1


Defensive System:        6 Back


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