Short characterization






A very emotional but equipped with strong physically gifted players who performed when the match was on the line. Their match in the semi-finals vs Brazil will be one that they always remember as they dominated a very good team through the use of good tactics and consistency. Led by their libero, Brenda Castillo, who was by far the most dominant libero within any team, they fought tenaciously throughout the competition.

They and Germany were the best digging teams in the tournament, according to VIS statistics. In all other skills they were in the top half of all teams. Diagonal player, Santos Rodriguez, led the team with 141 points which ranked 2nd for the tournament.  Mejia Eve, power hitter, also contributed with 128 points (6th overall), and, when motivated, was probably one of the most dominant blocking and attacking players in the competition. In attack she was 5th overall with 42.1% kill level. Castillo was the best digger (5.48 digs per set - 1 more than every other player) and best receiver in the tournament (almost 60 % perfect and only 9 errors (4.98%)).


Offensive System:        5-1


Defensive System:      6 Back

Free Ball



·         Strong but erratic with errors taking away from rhythm in the match.





·         If the pass was present they were an effective team. If their opponents caused them receiving problems then their attack vs broken high balls was not overly effective.