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When #1, the Diagonal player (Oliveira) went down with an injury, the team never found their real composure. They moved #18 to RS but never got the real consistency from their Powers and middles.

Weakness in Serve Receive (12th) and Service (11th) did not allow Brazil to repeat their global dominance. They had no players in the top 10 for either of these two skills. Right side player Silva (13th) led the team in points with 99. Power Rodriguez led the team in attack with 45% kill.


Offensive System: 5-1

         Generally consistent and dependent upon each individual players executing on the court. No one player stands out but as a team they had good team play and would dominate unless their opponent served and attacked well against them.

         Use of the Double Sub was a common tactical usage of players and the power and middles were also interchanged if they did not play well. This actually shows the depth of this team.

         The setter, R. Ratzke was steady throughout.


Defensive System: 6 Back


Free Ball