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Defence zone. A
back-row player may
attempt an attack
only if he/she
jumps from behind
the attack-line.
The back row
The playmaker of the team.
He/she coordinates the offence
and sets the ball to the attacker.
The setter is usually respon-
sible for the second touch.
The setter
Defensive specialist for re-
ceiving a serve or attack.
He/she can replace any back-
row player and can only play
in the back-row positions. He/she cannot
serve and wears a different colour shirt
to his/her team.
The libero
Whenever a team has gained the right to serve, its players
rotate one position clock-wise. As soon as the ball is in play, all
players can freely choose their positions on the court. A team
usually starts a set with a specialist player in each position.
Volleyball is a physically challenging, strategic team
sport that suits both specialist players and all-rounders.
It's all about positional play
Source: FIVB