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Croatian Volleyball Federation re-elects Bakovic as President

Photo: HOS
Zagreb, Croatia, June 16, 2020 –Ante Baković was unanimously re-elected as Croatian Volleyball Federation (HOS) President at the XVI HOS Electoral Assembly on Monday 15 June 2020. 

During his previous term as President, Baković was active in promoting volleyball across Croatia and building a strong volleyball community spirit. For example, the HOS shared its marketing strategy with the slogan “Volleyball in every home for a better future”, highlighting the organisation’s dedication to making volleyball accessible to all.

Under Baković’s leadership, HOS also revealed that, in cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Central State Office for Sport, it has been working on a package of financial assistance measures for domestic volleyball clubs in light of the global coronavirus crisis.

“I sincerely thank the Supervisory Board and the electoral commission, and all members of the Assembly. This kind of support really means a lot for the future, but it also shows that we are on the right path and that the Federation is doing a good job, thank you for that,” Baković said. â€œThree years ago, we found the organisation on the verge of bankruptcy, with an uncertain future, weakened national teams and without much hope. Today, despite all the problems and adversities, we are one of the most reliable partners of CEV and the FIVB, we are leaders and participants in several EU projects, and we have settled all debts and tripled the budget. We have big plans and high ambitions.”

During the Assembly, attendees also reviewed the 2019 financial report and were presented with a comprehensive summary from the Supervisory Board. The new board of directors were also appointed, with 13 members in total as follows: Ante Baković, Vladimir Brnečić, DuÅ¡ko Živković, Željko Jurčević, Sandra Baturina, Vedran Juravić, Arduino Popović, Petar Sprčić, Damir Zec, Ksenija Vržina, Dr Ivan Fattorini, Katarina Barun Å uÅ¡njar and Vlado Bagarić. 

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