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“Give the Future to Volleyball”: FIVB President launches new phase in FIVB management

The FIVB Board of Administration at headquarters in Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland, 24 May 2019 – FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° opened the Board of Administration meeting in Lausanne yesterday stating the importance of giving the future to volleyball and ensuring its legacy is protected for future generations.

The Board of Administration also reviewed the FIVB’s latest achievements and future steps, and was presented with the latest consumer research conducted by Nielsen that showed the significant relevance and interest in volleyball in many territories around the world.

FIVB President Graça said during the meeting:
“The Board of Administration is the key pillar of the FIVB. We are already making many changes in governance and management. We are completely transparent. Today, I would like to move one step forward and start a new phase in our management – Giving the Future to Volleyball! We, the leadership of volleyball in the world, must guarantee that the legacy of our sport is protected.  

“In recent years we have increased our income and presence in different markets. We shall continue working with the Continental Confederations and National Federations to ensure the quality of volleyball events worldwide and that we are not just organising matches but delivering volleyball shows for our athletes and fans. We shall all Act as One for the best of our beloved sport.”

During day one of the meeting the members also studied the proposals of the FIVB Commissions and the FIVB’s latest finance and business reports that were approved.

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