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Coaching and Technical complete annual FIVB Commission meetings

The Technical and Coaching Commissions completed a joint meeting, similar to the Rules of the Game and Refereeing Commissions, who also held a joint meeting on January 21

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 31, 2014 – A joint meeting between the Technical and Coaching Commissions completed the FIVB’s annual Commission meetings at its FIVB head office in Lausanne, Switzerland on Friday.

Both the Technical and Coaching Commissions had separate meetings on Wednesday and Thursday before holding a joint meeting where a review of the key rule changes and proposals were discussed.

Proposals will be put forward to the FIVB Board of Administration meeting, which is expected to take place in April.

Previous Commissions to meet in January were the Refereeing, Rules of the Game, Press, Development, Medical and Legal.

The Finance Commission will meet from March 25 to 26 while the TV & New Media Commission meets on March 28, prior to the FIVB Executive Committee, which meets on April 2, and the FIVB Board of Administration, which meets in Lausanne on April 3 to 4.

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