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CEV President unveils home of European Volleyball

CEV President André Meyer addressing the guests attending the unveiling of the new state-of-the-art premises owned by the European Volleyball Confederation in Luxembourg City
Luxembourg, May 4, 2013 – On Saturday morning CEV President André Meyer could proudly inaugurate the state-of-the-art premises where the CEV headquarters of the have moved since this past February.

With a series of illustrious guests in attendance, including FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F°, the President of the Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois (COSL), Mr. André Hoffmann, and Luxembourg Sports Minister Romain Schneider, Mr. Meyer was visibly touched as he could welcome his colleagues from 41 national federations to the real “home” of Europe’s Volleyball family.

“It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground. Land is about the only thing that can’t fly away” the CEV President said by quoting Anthony Trollope, one of the most successful and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. “Though more than a century has passed since those days we may well say that he was perfectly right and that his statement does not sound out-of-date at all”.

Mr. Meyer continued his address by summing up the history of the European Confederation and recalling the days it eventually moved to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg back in 1989.

“Exactly 40 years after our Confederation was established for the governance of volleyball in Europe and after moving a few times, CEV is finally settling down and has got its real, state-of-the-art premises” he said. “Back in 1973 and all the way through the late ‘80s our Confederation was based in Brussels, where a single man – almost all alone – was responsible for carrying out the work to follow up on the decisions of the Board of Administration, on the proposals of the Commissions as well as in conjunction with the various competitions that were running across Europe”.

Mr. Meyer did also wish to express his gratitude for the support the government of the Grand Duchy has always provided to Europe’s Volleyball family. “Back in 1989 CEV did eventually move to Luxembourg, being a real forerunner in this sense and turning into the first international sports organization settling down in the Grand Duchy. We do owe a lot to the local authorities who provided our volleyball family with a favourable environment and did help us find a place where to perform our work and be able to embark on an ambitious mission whose primary goal is, and still remains, the development and extensive promotion of our sport”.

The inauguration of the premises means also a long-term commitment for CEV – a Confederation whose growth has been remarkable through the past decades – to call the Grand Duchy its home. “Since those early days our headquarters have moved a few times though we did remain loyal to our intention to stay in Luxembourg City. Such moves did result from our continuous growth and the fact that our organization has got more and more structured, via the addition of new departments next to those that existed right from the beginning and by hiring more staff members to take care of the daily work”.

Mr. Meyer enjoyed the opportunity to recall the genesis of this ambitious “green” project: “A couple of years ago, after consolidating the financial assets of our Confederation, we came to the conclusion that time had finally come to search for our “own” premises, for a place that everyone who works for the good of our sport could call the “home” of volleyball in Europe. Starting from the positive experience we had enjoyed in the last couple of decades, my colleagues of the Board of Administration decided to opt for a project whereby CEV was going to stay in Luxembourg. We eventually selected a real estate that stands out for its innovative features and sustainable “green concept”, something that definitely fits to a sports organization whose ambition is to evolve with the times while remaining loyal to its roots”.

“So, a couple of years after this project was kick-started, we are here to officially unveil our modern and upscale premises, a place where all of you will be able to feel at home and where we will regularly come together to work for the good of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball”. The CEV President also recalled that the inauguration of these exclusive premises comes in conjunction with a very special time for Europe’s Volleyball family setting also the tone for the mission to be pursued in the coming years: “We are particularly lucky that this ceremony takes place right by the time CEV is celebrating its 40th anniversary. It sounds like by settling down in this exclusive property we are turning a page: we settle down looking back, with much pride, to the achievements of the past years being very grateful to our forefathers who made CEV the strong and respected organization I have been chairing for the last 12 years”.

“On the other hand, it is also a good opportunity to take up the challenges ahead, by innovating and exploring new ways whereby we can guarantee and achieve a sustainable and long-term development to our sport. As the Latin adagio says, “in medio stat virtus”, so we shall be searching for the right mix of tradition and innovation that will make sure we exploit the legacy of the past and we also stand the many challenges brought by a world that is ever changing. One thing is for sure: now we have our home and the right place to professionally assist all those – like you who are here today – who are working for the good of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. On such an emotional day we have to solidify our forces and say to each other: “We must be together and we must do the same thing”.

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