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2015 Assignments | Updated: 02 September, 2015
Candidature Forms
BVB/21 General Questionnaire | Updated: May, 2015
BVB/22 Host TV Broadcaster Letter of Intent | Updated: May, 2015
BVB/23 Local Authorities Letter of Support | Updated: May, 2015
For Satellite and Challenger events:
BVB-04b) FIVB Recognised International BVB Events | Updated: February, 2015
For Continental Tour events:
  Continental Tour Homologation | Updated: February, 2015
For Zonal Tour/ Events:
                   Zonal Tour/ Events Homologation | Updated: February, 2015
For National Tour events:
National Tour Homologation | Updated: February, 2015
Athletes, Coaches and Physiotherapists Forms
BVB/01 2015-2016 NF Athlete's Commitment  | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/02 Wild Card Request 2015 | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/03 Withdrawal Request | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/10 Annual Health Certificate | | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/31 Athletes' Travel Schedule  | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/31b Delegation's Travel Schedule  | Updated: February, 2015
For National Tour events:
International Player's Participation Agreement | Updated: February, 2015
Note: Coaches & Physiotherapists Accreditations Updated: February, 2015
The National Federations concerned must request directly from the promoters the Accreditation of Coaches and Physiotherapists (at the latest three days prior the start of the event). One coach and one physiotherapist per team are entitled to be granted an accreditation by the promoter.
Technical Competition Forms
BVB/05 Organizational Chart | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/06 Event's regulations for World Tour event | Updated: March, 2015
BVB/08 Sanctions for Players | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/12 Yearly Inspection Visit Report | Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/13 Technical Supervisor Report |Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/18 Training Sessions Sign-Up Sheet | Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/19 Technical Checklist |Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/28 Prize Money Payment Receipt | Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/29 Stadium and Facilities Homologation Checklist | Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/30 Court Equipment Checklist | Updated: Valid for 2015
BVB/32 List of Awarders | Updated: Valid for 2015
For Satellite and Challengers events:
BVB/06b) FIVB International Event's Regulations | Updated: Coming Soon
TV Forms
BVB/14 Programming Intentions | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/15 TV Camera position layout | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/16 Broadcast Report | Updated: February, 2015
News Feed Requirements | Updated: February, 2015
TV Coordination Agency - Contact List | Updated: April, 2015
Recording labels | Updated: February, 2015
Media Forms
BVB/07 Photographer's Agreement | Updated: April, 2015
Accreditation All international, domestic and local media representatives (online and print media, photographers, TV, Radio) wishing to attend an FIVB event  must apply for accreditation through the FIVB Online Accreditation system. This is the only method of accreditation used. | Valid for 2015
BVB/20 Media Report | Updated: April, 2015
BVB/37 Media Facilities Checklist | Updated: April, 2015
BVB/50 Media Operations Delegate Report | Updated: April, 2015
Referee Forms
BVB/11 Scoresheet | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/11 Scoresheet for data electronic input | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/24 Referee Delegate Report | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/25 Summary Referee Delegate Report | Updated: March, 2015
BVB/26 Daily Referee Performance Summary Sheet | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/33 Referee Delegate's Protest Protocol Report | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/38 Court Inspection Checklist | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/42 Alcohol Test Control Sheet | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/43 RM Scoresheet Delivery Protocol | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/44 Heat Stress Daily Monitoring Form | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/45 Heat Stress Monitoring Results | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/46 Mikasa Evaluation Sheet for VLS300 | Updated: February, 2015
BVB/47 Mikasa VLS-300 Checklist - 1st Inspection | Updated: March, 2015
BVB/48 Casebook Case Collection Form | Updated: March, 2015
BVB/49 Medical Injury Timeout & Medical Forfeit | Updated: March, 2015
BVB-R4 Beach adopted for 2015 | Updated: March, 2015
BVB-R4 Beach ARD adopted for 2015 | Updated: March, 2015
  2015 Beach Volleyball Referee Delegate Manual | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 User's Guide for Referee Database | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 Refereeing Guidelines & Instructions | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 Scoresheet Instructions | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 Misconduct Sanction Fee Scale Implementation Guideline | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 Auxiliary Officials Checklist | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 Court Personnel Checklist | Updated: April, 2015
  2015 FIVB Heat Stress Monitoring Protocol | Updated: April, 2015
Organizational Forms
Arrival & Departure Form For World Tour| Updated: April, 2015
Jinling Instruction Manual For FIVB beach volleyball events| Updated: Valid for 2015
 Evaluation Form Technical Supervisor| Updated: Valid for 2015
Evaluation Form Assistant Technical Supervisor| Updated: Valid for 2015



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