Osaka  2005   Women's Open
25.05.2005 -  29.05.2005

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OSAKA 2005 - Osaka has hosted more SWATCH-FIVB World Tour events than any other women’s site.  Japan hosts the women for the 12th-straight season as a Brazil tandem has captured the last seven titles in Osaka.  Brazil’s Adriana Behar and Shelda Bede have won six of the last seven Osaka gold medals in addition to a bronze medal in 1997 and a silver medal in 2003.  The winningest tandem ever on the international tour, Adriana and Shelda has combined to win $190,500 in eight Osaka events.  The best finish by the host country was a Silver Medal in 2000 by Mika Teru Saiki and Yukiko Takahashi, who finished fourth at the Sydney Olympic Games.  Osaka is as an attractive, user friendly city and several new museums and other attractions have been added in recent times, all of which have helped to add to the overall cultural feel of the place.  Leafy promenades abound beside fresh water and many people enjoy strolling along the riverbanks and relaxing in scenic splendor.  Furthermore, each summer one can enjoy the amazement of what is known as the ‘Tenjin Matsuri’, a spectacular sailing festival containing decorated ships.


2004 Osaka Women's Podium

1.  Shelda Bede/Adriana Behar, Brazil

2. Natalie Cook/Nicole Sanderson, Australia

3. Simone Kuhn/Nicole Schnyder, Switzerland


Gold Medal match - Shelda/Adriana def. Cook/Sanderson, 21-12, 21-0 (17 minutes, Cook retired with shoulder injury after one se)

Bronze Medal match - Kuhn/Schnyder def. Vasso Karadassiou/Efi Sfyri, Greece, 24-13, 21-14 (36)

Pic: (from left to right) - Nicole Sanderson, Natalie Cook, Shelda Bede, Adriana Behar, Simone Kuhn and Nicole Schnyder.


Year - Osaka Gold Medal / Osaka Silver Medal / Osaka Bronze Medal

1994 - Barbra Fontana/Lori Forsythe, USA / Isabel Salgado/Roseli Timm, Brazil / Karolyn Kirby/Liz Masakayan, USA

1995 - Holly McPeak/ Nancy Reno, USA / Linda Hanley/Angela Rock, USA / Sandra Pires/Jackie Silva, Brazil

1996 - Natalie Cook/Kerri Pottharst, Australia / Danalee Bragado/Pat Keller, USA / Liane Fenwick/Sarah Straton, Australia

1997 - Monica Rodrigues/Adriana Samuel, Brazil / Maike Friedrichsen/Danja Musch, Germany / Shelda Bede/Adriana Behar, Brazil

1998 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Pires/Samuel, Brazil / Lisa Arce/McPeak, USA

1999 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Cook/Pottharst, Australia / Ana Paula/Silva, Brazil

2000 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Mika Teru Saiki/Yukiko Takahashi, Japan / Cook/Pottharst, Australia

2001 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Misty May /Kerri Walsh, USA / Fontana/ Elaine Youngs, USA

2002 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Ana Paula/Tatiana Minello, Brazil / May/Walsh, USA

2003 - Ana Paula/Pires, Brazil / Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Cook/Nicole Sanderson, Australia

2004 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Cook/Sanderson, Australia / Simone Kuhn/Nicole Schnyder, Switzerland