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Thaisa Mc Leod's dreams coming true

Thaisa Mc Leod of Peru in action against Italy at the quarterfinals of the 2019 FVB Girls' U18 World Championship in Ismailia.
Ismailia, Egypt, September 13, 2019 - Her dreams are to play as a professional in Italy, the strongest league in the world. Peru opposite Thaisa Mc Leod is one of the 2019 FIVB Girls' U18 World Championship who dream of taking their volleyball careers to new heights.

Thaisa was born on 1 January 2002 in Aruba from Peruvian mother and an Arubian. Since the age of 7 she has been playing volleyball. At that time she was staying in the wonderful Caribbean island of her birth and practicing volleyball in a local club.

Her mother and grandmother were also volleyball players and both provided plenty of encouragement for her to pursue the sport.

Thaisa Mc Leod dreams of playing pro volleyball in Europe

But it was four years ago that marked the actual start for Thaisa on a promising career. It was an unforgettable moment in her life when the coach of Peru'sYouth National Team saw her play and fond her tall enough to be a volleyball star. He asked her to join a training to select the U13 National Team of that time.

"It was only a few minutes, when the coach told me that I had been selected for the National Team," said Thaisa. "We went on to win the South American Championships with the U14 and U15 squads."

"When we qualified to the U18 World Championship, I thought it was a golden chance to shine and start a real professional career. Since I started my volleyball career, I had one dream... That is to play one day in the Italian Superleague."

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