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A special birthday for Hisamistu star Yuki Ishii

Today is Yuki Ishii of Hisamitsu Springs' birthday

 Zurich, Switzerland, May 9, 2014 – Hisamitsu Springs’ wing spiker Yuki Ishii receives a surprising birthday present, but not the one she expected.

Everything was ready for the game: The teams Russia's Dinamo Kazan and Japan's Hisamitsu Springs entered the court for their match at the 2014 Women's Club World Championship and the spectators began with a standing ovation. However, there was a special surprise – for Japanese national player Yuki Ishii: The song “Happy birthday” by Stevie Wonder sounded suddenly in the Saalsporthalle in Zurich and Eventcourt CEO Roger Müller appeared. He and his team had prepared a special surprise for the 23 year old wing spiker. Müller handed over a bunch of flowers to Yuki Ishii. The wing spiker of Hisamitsu couldn’t believe her eyes and were left speechless.

 “I didn’t know that there would be such a surprise for me. It was an incredible feeling and I want to express my thanks”, Yuki Ishii told after the game. Nevertheless, the Japanese wing spiker had to celebrate her birthday without the most desired present: A victory and the qualification for the semi-finals. Her team Hisamitsu Springs dropped out of the 2014 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship after having lost the important game against Dinamo Kazan by 3-1. A big deception on the own birthday, how Ishii explained: “I wished the victory as present for my birthday and wanted to do everything to get it, but it wasn’t enough.”

 Birthdays are special days, everybody knows it. The whole family and friends come together and celebrate. However, Yukin Ishii hadn’t the possibility to party her 23th birthday together with her family this year – something untypical for the Japanese wing spiker: “There are normally no games on my birthday and so I can celebrate the day with my family in Japan.” But as Yuki Ishii and her team won the Asian Championship just a little bit more than one week ago and got the Wildcard to play at the 2014 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship, the Japanese national player couldn’t stay at home. Nevertheless, Yuki Ishii got special congratulations even over the big distance: “A lot of people sent me e-mails and wished me a nice day. I really enjoyed reading all these messages.” The most particular present of the day, however, was made by her team, how Ishii told: “Everybody sang “Happy birthday” in the bus during the travel to the hall. It was already a good preparation.”

As it’s often in life, there’s almost never just one “birthday kid”, because even Yuki Ishii’s first well-wisher Roger Müller celebrated his birthday on the same day. “I didn’t know that we had birthday on the same day. That’s really amazing.” The Japanese even confessed having a little bit a guilty conscience: “If I had known before, I would have brought him something or I would have returned him the nice bunch of flowers.”

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