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Performance rather than results matters for Poland

Captains and coaches of Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany and Japan

Plock, Poland, August 8, 2013 – Poland coach Piotr Makowski stressed that he is looking for an improved on court performance rather than results when his side play Japan, Germany and Kazakhstan in Pool H of week two of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix in Plock, Poland.
All four teams participated in the pre-weekend press conference with Makowski stressing that while he would like his side to record their first win of the tournament he would prefer improvement in the way they play the game.

“The most important thing for us is how we will manage this tournament, how the performance of my team will look like,” Makowski said. “We know all of those teams, but as I mentioned, the most important for me is how we will play and also quality of our game. We will face Kazakhstan, Germany and Japan and we have equal respect for all of them. Japan is well known for their extremely great defence, but if we will be consistent in attack, we can fight with them. Kazakhstan plays very will combination volleyball. Germany is a very consistent team, with a strict game system, but if we will play with discipline and focused on what happens on the court, we can win against them.”

Joanna Kaczor, one of Poland’s key attacking players, reitierated what her coach said. “There are all great teams in World Grand Prix and we must show our best if we want to win against our opponents. We must play each match on the highest level and will try to do it to satisfy our fans in Plock. Each team here, wants to win here. We are tired after a long journey from Brazil, however, we gained some priceless experience there. Obviously, we could play better but finally we are here to play the next matches. I'm optimistic. The most important is our game.“

Meanwhile, German captain Margareta Kozuch also said she was hoping her side can improve. “In the first weekend we did not show our best and I am not happy also because of my game, personally. However, we must remember, that we will have European Championships in September and it is the main tournament and the form should come for this time. Even though, now we should play better, we will try to have better control of our game, we must step into higher level. We have a slight chance to go into the Finals now, but it is not important - we want to prepare ourselves the best we can to the European Championship.”

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