Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Alekno: Before the tournament we had the plan to play against Brazil twice. We made it.

Russia captain Taras Khtei

Poland captain Piotr Gruszka: “We lost the semifinal against a rusian team that played great Their advantage grew in their service game. When they got ahead, they kept it and it was hard for us to catch up. Those two-three points that we lacked in the ends were those two-three points gained by them earlier. Tomorrow we will play for  third place and we will fight for it. We want to get the medal, but it won't be easy, because we will face Argentina, who have played very well this year.”

Russia captain Taras Khtei: “I won't talk much, because we have to get ready for the final. Poland gave us a lot of trouble tonight, especially with service and the amazing crowd, who supported them. For sure the thing that disturbed us more was the crowd, because we knew what to expect from Bartosz Kurek, who has played great throughout the tournament. But we won and I am happy for that.”

Poland head coach Andrea Anastasi: “Russia played incredible. It is correct that they will play in the grand final. I am also proud of my boys, because they fought till the end. We had a problem with the reception, because the Russians have great service.

My team is in a perfect condition. I hope tomorrow we will see the same match as we saw on Friday, with the same result. We started the tournament with bad luck as we lost our opposite, Zbigniew Bartman. For us it was a difficult situation I am happy with Piotr Gruszka being able to step in, but he hasn't played for few months, so it was difficult for him to play whole matches during this important tournament.

Of course, to get on a high level, we have to understand our own level, maybe our service, our blocking. We arrived at this tournament with a poor ranking and we are now in the best four teams. Now we play in the final. The most important for me is that the guys have this great opportunity to play against the team that plays really great volleyball. Because Argentina is really incredible. Russia is maybe the best, because its a stronger team, but Argentina, for me, is one of the most interesting in this moment. It will be difficult, but we'll try. I hope it will help young people get interested in volleyball. 

 I am really proud to be the coach of this team, because they are unbelievable. Poland is really a great spot for volleyball. The Polish Volleyball Federation works a lot for this, works with the television and marketing to improve volleyball in Poland.”

Russia head coach Vladimir Alekno: “Before the tournament we had a plan to play against Brazil twice. We made it. Of course I will analyze everything, but for now it will stay in my head. For this day I don't agree with the opinion that Russia is the best team, because we haven't won anything yet. The match for the bronze medal will be the clash of character and will. I think the chances are divided in half. But I think the spectators supporting Poland might make the difference.”


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