Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Alekno: You can't just assume that you will be a champion

Russia coach Vladimir Alenko and Cuba coach Orlando Samuels Blackwood
Cuba captain Wilfredo Leon: “The match was very hard for us after a 3-2 loss to Brazil yesterday. This was the reason for today's 3-0. In our opinion it was not a bad match. Tomorrow we will do our best and we will continue to play. “

Russia captain Taras Khtei: “I want to emphasize that we accomplished all the goals set for us by the coaches, who had worked out Cuba's team perfectly. This is why we won.”

Cuba coach Orlando Samuels Blackwood: “The match was really hard for us. We are very tired after 12 consecutive matches in seven weeks. It is always difficult against Russia, they have a very tall block, they are very strong physically. It is one of the best and strongest teams in the world.”

Russia coach Vladimir Alekno: “My players accomplished not only tactical goals, but strategic ones  as well – they walked into the court thinking like winners. We have reasons to be content, there are moments in our play, when we do really well, there are great technical elements. But of course there are also things that need some work. Yesterday I thought only about Cuba, and it paid off. This evening I will start thinking about Brazil with the knowledge that we havce already qualified. If it is possible, I would like to play in the semifinal against a team that we could beat to reach the final. But when you arrive at a tournament you can't just assume that you will be a champion. My mental preparation is always “step-by-step”. First I think about my first opponent, later about the next one. You can't do it any differently.”


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