Teams & Coaches
Team manager GAVAZZI Alberto
Head coach MONTALI Gianpaolo
Assistant coach TOTOLO Tomaso
Doctor BENENTI Claudio
Therapist / trainer TEMPESTA Paolo
Journalist LISI Carlo

  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Luigi Mastrangelo Mastrangelo 17.08.1975 90 202 368 336 Bre banca Lannuti Cuneo
3 Giacomo Sintini Sintini 16.01.1979 85 196 320 305 Trentino Volley
C 5 Valerio Vermiglio Vermiglio 01.03.1976 85 193 342 320 UPCN San Juan Voley
7 Alessandro Paparoni Paparoni 17.08.1981 75 191 340 314 Lube Banca Marche
8 Alberto Cisolla Cisolla 10.10.1977 86 197 367 345 Sisley
10 Luca Tencati Tencati 16.03.1979 97 200 350 330 Cimone
L 12 Mirko Corsano Corsano 28.10.1973 87 190 342 303 Lube Banca Marche
14 Alessandro Fei Fei 29.11.1978 90 204 358 336 Copra Elior Piacenza
16 Michal Lasko Lasko 11.03.1981 104 202 348 337 Jastrzebski Wegel
18 Matej Cernic Cernic 13.09.1978 80 192 354 335 Assecco Resovia
C=Captain  L=Libero

Team Profile Head coach
The first success of the Italian National team was the bronze medal won at the European Championships in 1948, but it was only in the early seventies, after the gold at the World University Games in Turin, that Italy steadily conquered the top of the world stage, attending the Olympic Games from 1976 onwards and taking podium places at the last three Olympic Games.

In 1989, with the advent of Julio Velasco as the leader of the "azzurri" team, Italy started a long winning streak by securing its first European title in Stockholm and coming second at the World Cup in Japan. In 1990 the team won its first World Championship title in Brazil by defeating Cuba in the final and also won the World League for the first time. During the nineteen nineties and through to the year 2000, the Italian team practically dominated the World League, winning the title eight years out of eleven.

Over the same period, the team was also successful at the European Championships, taking the European title in 1989, 1993, 1995 and 2005 and achieving podium places in the other years.

Coach Gianpaolo Montali started with the team in 2003 and took them to first place in the European Championship, second place in the World Cup and third place in the World League. In 2004 Italy won silver medals at the Olympic Games and the World League. In 2005, the team once again won the gold medal at the European Championships to qualify for the 2005 World Grand Champions Cup.

MONTALI Gianpaolo