PRESS RELEASE 15.10.2007

Spain returns to the FIVB World League 2008

Spain is the winner of the Indesit European Championship 2007
Lausanne, 15th October 2007 – "Spain will come back to the FIVB World League 2008" announces the FIVB President, Dr. Rubén Acosta H "since they have fulfilled all the event requests and TVE has informed FIVB its agreement to be the Host Broadcaster in Spain. During the FIVB World League Council we explained that Argentina and Spain were bidding for the last entry. The FIVB was ready to choose the first country with all the conditions cleared. Even Portugal was ready to get this place, if Spain and Argentina would have been too late. We welcome Spain back to the World League after three years of absence and we have no doubts that Argentina will come back to the World League in 2009".

Spain has won the European Championship this year, under the guidelines of the Italian coach Andrea Anastasi. The team participated in 10 editions of the World League, from 1995 to 2004. Their best performances were three 5th places in 1999, 2002 and 2003.

Sixteen teams will play in the 2008 World League: Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Egypt, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Russia and U.S.A. The Final Round will be hosted by Brazil.

The event in 2007 was a real record breaker, with a fantastic increase in live audience (+18%), 650,000 spectators attending the matches and an outstanding Final Round in Katowice, Poland, won by Brazil.