PRESS RELEASE 28.09.2007

FIVB World League 2008: a confirmation of success. Brazil will organize the Final Round. Francesco Franchi nominated President of the World League Council

FIVB President, Dr. Rubén Acosta H., with the new President of the World League Council Francesco Franchi (left)

Lausanne, 28th September 2007 –The World League is one of the best sport events in the world. But we must continue to push the level of the competition, higher and higher. The FIVB criteria for the evaluation of the new Federations and competing teams, always based on TV success and marketing results, will take into strong consideration the audience attending the match. We had a very good average increase this year regarding the live attendance, but we cannot stop.” Dr. Rubén Acosta, FIVB President, opened the FIVB World League Council meeting this morning, stressing the key points of the event that saw Brazil as the winner in Katowice Final Round and pointing to the strategies for the future of the event.


The World League Council then continued with the presentation of Mr. Francesco Franchi as new President of the World League Council. The Italian manager will start immediately to supervise the 2008 edition, basing his analysis on the facts and figures of the World League 2007, which had more than 2000 televised hours and an 18% increase in attendance.


Strong measures have been taken by the Council regarding this aspect. From 2009, the countries that had the lowest numbers of attendance will be replaced in the World League competition by new Federations satisfying the TV and Marketing conditions requested by the FIVB.


2008 is an Olympic season and, like every 4 years, the calendar is really a puzzle. That’s why today the World League Council discussed at length all the proposals coming from the delegates. The FIVB made all possible efforts to give to the teams the best preparation timing and to respect the contracts already signed with the broadcasters.


Since Argentina has not yet presented a TV contract, the European Champion Spain was admitted to present its candidature. The Council gave 15 days to Argentina and Spain to present a TV contract and their master plan for the 2008; the first proposal will be taken into consideration. If they do not succeed, Portugal is ready to take their place.


The calendar of the 2008 World League will follow the same formula as the last editions. 4 pools of 4 teams were composed to compete for 6 week ends, from Friday 13th June 2008 to Sunday 20th July 2008.


The Council decided to assign the organization of the Final Round, from 23 to 27 July 2008, to Brazil. The request coming from Italy was not accepted because the Federation did not provide a signed contract with a broadcaster.



FIVB 2008 World League Pools composition:

Pool A: Brazil, France, Serbia, Canada.

Pool B: Russia, Cuba, Korea, Italy.

Pool C: U.S.A., Bulgaria, Argentina/Spain (or Portugal), Finland.

Pool D: Poland, Japan, China, Egypt.