PRESS RELEASE 30.01.2006

Italy to host two Swatch-FIVB World Tour stops in 2006

FIPAV President Carlo Magri (centre), flanked by Swatch-FIVB World Tour event organisers Vicenzo Santarelli (Roseto, left) and Claudio Giovanardi (Modena, right)

Forlì (ITA), 28 January 2006 - It was in the fitting environment of Italy's "Volleyland" exhibition that FIPAV President Carlo Magri was able to underscore the development of Beach Volleyball in Italy with the announcement that Italy the country will for the first time in 5 years host two Swatch-FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour stops in the same season.

The women's stop will be in Modena from 10-14 May and will be the first event of the season in Europe. Modena is not only home of balsamic vinegar and the country's most famous car manufacturers, but has also been the capital of Italian Volleyball for several decades thanks to the success of the legendary Panini Modena club. Claudio Giovanardi, president of Pro & Com and former president of successful volleyball clubs in Modena and Rome, stressed both the speed with which the plans had come to fruition and the beauty of the location chosen. Given the novel concept of staging the event in three separate cities - Modena (centre court), Sassuolo and Carpi, Giovandardi also welcomed the active involvement of all three local authorities.

The men's event will be held around one month later in Roseto degli Abruzzi from 7-11 June 2006. Speaking at the press conference, Valter Aloisi, President of the Roseto degli Abruzzi town council, looked back at how the sport had grown over the years and reaffirmed how well suited Roseto was to holding this type of event because it has the most important ingredient required: sand. This is the first time in five years that the Swatch-FIVB World Tour will stop in Roseto degli Abruzzi, a town that has a strong history in the sport and is considered a reference among beach volleyball event organisers. Organiser Vincenzo Santarelli of Trend Show Club emphaised the strength of beach volleyball in maintaining a presence in an area dominated by basketball. This year's Roseto event also gains extra importance as it will be a test event for the Pescara 2009 Mediterranean Games.