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Belarus holds coaches' seminar under joint initiative with Poland

Participants follow a lecture at the seminar in Minsk
Lausanne, Switzerland, May 10, 2014 – A seminar, which is part of the ground-breaking special development project initiated by FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° for Poland to assist with the development of volleyball in its neighbouring countries, was held at the Belarus State University of Physical Culture in Minsk in Belarus on April 24 and 25.

The seminar was jointly presented by the Belarus Volleyball Federation and the Polish Volleyball Federation under the auspices of the FIVB.

"This development initiative is crucial not only for volleyball in the region around Poland but also for volleyball around the world as it can provide a perfect example of how the FIVB family can help each other by passing on knowledge and experience from one country to another with the ultimate aim to raise the level of competitiveness across more countries," President Graça said.

The lecturers included Krzysztof Felczak, a highly experienced coach and volleyball theoretician from Poland; the Belarus men’s team coach Russian Victor Sidelnikov, and Viktar Hancharou, the coach of Belarus’s women’s team. 

The seminar focused on:
1. Organization of team actions in youth volleyball on block, reception and defence;
2. Players’ selection; defense and reception techniques;
3. Assumptions of training programmes in each age category. 

Sidelnikov talked about the importance of tactics in the training of young volleyball players, while Hancharou talked about technical aspects in the training of young volleyball players.

Both coaches focused attention on the urgent need to change the volleyball development programme of the Youth Sports School in order to attract young coaches and specialists. These issues, they said, require prompt action and are as important as other aspects such as tactics and technique.

On the second day, Felczak spoke about about new trends in the training of youngsters and shared his experience of training young volleyball players. He said that an extensive network of centres in the provinces brought major results for junior and youth teams. 

On the practical part of the seminar, Felczak focused his attention on elements of defence and some aspects regarding the training of setters.
The seminar was attended by coaches not only from major cities in Belarus, but also from smaller towns, underlining the fact that there is always a place for learning and a need to organise such seminars.

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