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Board praises FIVB direction under President Graça’s leadership

The Board was impressed with the work of President Graça during his first 18 months in charge
Lausanne, Switzerland, April 4, 2014 – The members of the Board of Administration were outspoken in their support of the new direction of the FIVB and volleyball thanks to the outstanding vision and drive of FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F°.

The Board members from all around the world expressed their gratitude for the new initiatives President Graça has implemented in the 18 months of his mandate since being elected in September, 2012 and the chance now provided for more federations to participate in volleyball, have a voice and develop and grow to unprecedented levels.

The compliments were led by the five Confederation Presidents with members from different countries also voicing their appreciation.

“Under your leadership we have been able to implement what we call, the ‘African Dream’,” Africa Volleyball Confederation President Dr. Amr Elwani said, leading the tributes. “We as a continent have been able to grow thanks to your leadership, your vision and your dedication. We trust in you and your vision and thanks to that, the continent is alive with member federations feeling the strength of your belief.”

Asia Volleyball Confederation President Dr. Saleh Ahmad Bin Nasser concurred and expressed his gratitude for the new era for volleyball. “With your support we are now receiving all the help and the assistance that is helping volleyball grow stronger in the region. I would also like to thank all the Confederation Presidents for their help as well.

“You are implementing an agenda which is being fulfilled now,” South America Volleyball Confederation President Dr. Rafael Lloreda Currea said. “There is a great expectation amongst ourselves thanks to your expertise. Now we have plenty of members within South America who want to work.”

Europe Volleyball Confederation President Mr André Meyer expressed his gratitude for help with development. “We are working hard to improve our 1-2 category federations and we consider technology as a key tool to help us in this process. Thank you for your guidance. We are installing a sixth development centre so we still have a lot of work to do.”

NORCECA Volleyball Confederation President Mr Cristobal Marte Hoffiz described the improvement witnessed in his region under President Graça’s leadership. “I’m proud that our 41 federations and regional members are moving forward. With your help and guidance we are giving opportunities. These people are eager to take these opportunities at different levels and different platforms, which was unheard of before in NORCECA. We are grateful for the year 2013 and thank you immensely.”

The Board of Administration members finished with a round of applause in recognition for their full support of President Graça and the tremendous work he is undertaking at the helm of the international governing body for volleyball.

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