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Commissions highlight golden era of African volleyball

FIVB President Ary Graca speaking to African National Federations in the CAVB Congress

Kigali, Rwanda, December 8, 2013- CAVB Commissions presented their reports in front of the CAVB Congress where they highlighted the progress in most of the activities during the second day of its activities in Kigali, Rwanda on Sunday.

CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani started the meeting by welcoming the guests of honour who attended the Congress led by FIVB President Dr Ary Graça Filho and FIVB first Vice President and NORCECA Confederation President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz who attended all the congress sessions and add strength to the discussions.

Elwani also welcomed the Rwandan Minister of Sport and culture Protais Mitali, President of National Rwandan Olympic Committee Robert Bayigamba, Secretary of Ministry of Sport Edouard Kalisa, Parliament member Agnes Mukazibera and Senator Charles Uyisenga.

CAVB Executive Director Mrs Howyda Mondy presented the technical activity during the last 2 years and showed the great progress of all items of Development. She showed that 130 courses were organised in the last two years either in the VCP courses conducted by FIVB or the other courses organised by CAVB in coaching, Refereeing and management.

She then highlighted the busy programme of competitions which showed 52 Volleyball competitions including 31 tournaments in the 2014 World championship qualifiers. she also showed the increased number of organizers with improved quality of organisation in most of the countries.

Hassan Ahmed showed the great progress in the number of referees added to the international list till Africa had now 189 Volleyball referees beside 35 Beach VB referees making a total of 224.

"For the first time we started to have women referees 3 years ago and now we 17 volleyball and 6 Beach VB female referees, and this is a great achievement," said Hassan.

He also said that the number of NFs having international referees have been increase to 33 out of the 53 affiliated NFs. He presented the future project of having international referees from the whole countries by encouraging the rest 20 countries to exert their efforts to do it. Nineteen African referees had already whistled in the World championship in 2013 making a good presentation during their performances.

CAVB Board member Louis Majore Timba presented the project of Management of National federations in the framework of the CAVB Strategic Plan 2013- 2016 with main goals and strategies in management , Development and image.

The programme aims at diagnosis of NFs and zones and the main objective is to level out disparities on how NFs are being managed, so that the same management principles apply to every NF, no matter.

CAVB Vice President Idriss Dokony Presented the Project of African dream which is a whole African programme to allow the children in the primary schools to practice volleyball. The programme needs the cooperation between the FIVB, NFs and the national Olympic Committees together through a subsequent procedure that guarantee the involvement of the young boys and girls in volleyball.

Dr Graca asked CAVB NFs to ensure that they had all the tools and support from the local authority to bring this program a success.

Sherif El Shemerly presented the represented Coaches' Commission report where he featured the strategy of dealing with all kinds of coaches starting from the highest level through the High Performance seminar which was organised in Egypt 2010, Morocco 2011 and Algeria 2013, then level I and II courses and finally the national level which helped the new coaches and the teachers of physical education.  

Sadik Nasiwu presented the Development Commission and showed that the commission had a lot of commitment after its formation following the 2011 CAVB Congress in Sudan. He enumerated the development actions in all the sport parties specially the National courses which created a lot of experienced personnel to aid the sport in coaching, refereeing and management.

The Congress honoured the FIVB Development Director Helgi Thorsteinsson with the CAVB Gold medal in acknowledgment of his support to Africa throughout the courses held in the continent where Africa had almost 50% of the cake between the other continents of the World.

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