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Translations of Rules of the Game available


Lausanne, Switzerland, March 26, 2013 – Translations of the 2013-2016 Rules of the Game are now available on

The Rules of the Game for volleyball are now available in French, Spanish and Arabic in addition to English, while those for beach volleyball can be read in French and Russian.

Some of the major changes to the 2013-2016 Rules of the Game include:

- reverting to the previous use of the yellow and red cards in order to bring beach volleyball and volleyball into harmony.

- an extension of libero freedom in volleyball to give the coach better opportunities to generate the best team performance and a modification of the reception technique to encourage longer rallies.

- a strengthening of the captain’s role in beach volleyball and an extension of the net rule (which has been successful in volleyball) to beach volley. The purpose here is to prevent artificial stoppages and allow longer rallies to be played.

Rules of the Game 2013-2016 - Volleyball
Rules of the Game 2013-2016 – Beach Volleyball

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