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Inaugural Beach Volleyball Summer Festival ends in Ljubljana

The Mikasa ball produced specially for the CEV Youth Beach Volleyball Summer Festivals was a highly coveted trophy for the young participants
Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 28, 2014 - Heavy rain and low temperatures plagued the first day of the inaugural CEV Youth Beach Volleyball Summer Festival held at the premises of the Crnuce and Sentvid sports clubs in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but young beach volleyball players showed up in their numbers, demonstrating their enthusiasm for the sport.

The event was organised by the staff of the beach volleyball centres situated in Slovenia’s capital city, in cooperation with the Slovenian Volleyball Federation. Even though almost half of the registrations were cancelled at the very last moment because of the difficult weather conditions, the organisers and many young players persevered in their intention to stage a memorable event. Children and teenagers aged seven to sixteen did not regret their decision to travel to Ljubljana, as they enjoyed every minute of the Youth Beach Volleyball Summer Festival.

"My mom was worried I would catch a cold just before the school year begins,” said an 11-year old participant from the city of Kranj. “However, I still managed to persuade her to take me to Ljubljana to participate in the festival. I had so much fun with all the other kids here that I did not mind about the rain at all. And on the second day the weather got better. The coaches were great and we learned a lot from them. I will come back next year, for sure! And by the way, we also received this nice Mikasa ball and a t-shirt."

The event was a good opportunity to promote beach volleyball in Ljubljana and in Slovenia, laying the foundations for further development of the sport in the country.

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