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Development Commission reviews a year of superb growth

The FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° encouraged all the members of the Development Commission to do their part for development and keep the trend of impressive volleyball growth going

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 24, 2014 – The FIVB Development Commission reviewed an impressive year for volleyball and beach volleyball development around the world in its annual meeting held at the FIVB headquarters on Thursday and Friday.

Key areas of substantial growth included the number of Technical Seminars, Coaching Courses, Volleyball Cooperation Programmes, Technical Seminars, and Volley All Festival participants.

Major highlights of the Commission meeting, which was chaired by Commission President and FIVB Executive Vice-President Saleh Ahmad Bin Nasser, included: 

• The FIVB Development Commission, who showed respect for the environment by using electronic working files only, entered a new era with new directions in line with the FIVB President’s vision. One of the new vision is the e-learning concept, the FIVB Special Projects such as the North Africa Project and the Coaching Support Project which are already in execution.

• FIVB financial support to Confederations has been maintained in 2013.

• The FIVB is currently investigating for the opening of a new Development Centre in Kigali, Rwanda.

• New considerations will be put in place for the Development Centres in 2014; new regulations, operational contracts to be revised, new contracts to be signed, new types of outreach programmes, more team development programme, more need for up to date working methods, national agenda with collaboration agencies.

• In 2013, the Development Centres ran 23 Technical Seminars and 16 Coaching Courses. A total of 374 coaches have been certified by the end of 2013.

• Volleyball Cooperation Programme – 54 courses – 54 countries – 1,454 participants
• Coaching Courses – 36 courses – 25 countries – 1,056 participants
• Technical Seminars – 27 courses – 17 countries – 943 participants
• Volley All Festival – 113 events – 66 countries – 477,460 participants

• A total of 2,325,690 participants took part in the Volley All Festival all over the world between 2009-2013.

• Since the creation of the Volleyball Cooperation Programme in 1989, the FIVB has delivered 1,139 courses, educating all the major areas of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball.

• The FIVB has delivered Gerflor courts to Senegal, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sudan, Chad, Indonesia, Argentina and Colombia in 2013. As per agreement with Connor Sport Court, 45 courts will be delivered in 2014. Therefore, nine on each continent.

• Videos following the Beach Volleyball Drill-book have been created and are now available on the FIVB website.

• In 2013,  the number of press releases increased to a total of 171 articles posted on the FIVB website.

• FIVB Categorization is to be analyzed and new categorization of NFs to be proposed to the FIVB Board of Administration.

• FIVB Development Fund affairs were discussed

• The NF strategic survey was reported during the meeting and it was decided to build up a NF knowledge base and systematic monitoring was recommend

• The 2014 calendars are now available on our website.

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