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Uruguay Volley All Festival - a local sporting success

FIVB Coach Ivan Ergui and Professor Christian Beasley led the event, which saw the participation of around 150 children in total.

Trinidad, Uruguay, July 4, 2013 – A Volley All Festival was held in the city of Trinidad in Uruguay attended by students from three of the city’s public schools and its main college. Also in attendance were students from two public schools and educational institutions from the country’s capital, Montevideo.

Festival was organised by the League of Flores Volleyball Federation and the Uruguay Volleyball Federation.  Participants played in teams of three, rotating off the court every three minutes, to allow all the youngsters present a chance to play.

Every participant received
a Cool Volley T-Shirt and multiple gifts. The festival was also attended by primary school teachers in the departments of Soriano, Colonia, Durazno and Flores as well as members of the Flores Volleyball League.

The Festival received around two hours of press coverage, from national TV channels, local radio stations and print media in the city of Trinidad. Arcor, an international food company was the main sponsor of the event.

The ‘Volley All Festival’ is a mass event with mass participation. It was created to give people around the world a fun, enjoyable and competitive environment in which to play volleyball and beach volleyball. The event gives national federations the opportunity to develop the sport locally and to work on an event which combines the promotion of sports, youth interest, and media at the local and international level.


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