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Beach volleyball moves forward in Guyana

Breakthrough beach volleyball course for the participants in Guyana

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 30, 2013 – A beach volleyball course under the Volleyball Cooperation Programme which was conducted from June 25 to 29 projecting a bright future for the sport in Guyana.

The course is a milestone as it is the first ever for beach volleyball to be conducted in the country. The FIVB has also been running a project with the Guyana Volleyball Federation for Volleyball at School Development which is supported by the FIVB Development Fund for the last two years.

The VCP course for beach volleyball is a fresh start and great indication of beach volleyball development in Guyana. This breakthrough greatly contributes to the society in terms of attracting young people to participate in sporting activities.

Guyana Volleyball Federation gathered 20 participants comprising of 15 men and five women to initially take the course. Most of the attendees are new to beach volleyball but they do not lack the enthusiasm and interest to learn about the sport.

“Guyana has not been practicing beach volleyball,” FIVB beach volleyball instructor Mauro Hernández said. “However, they have shown interest to learn and that is important. During the course, I think they are enjoying it and they are learning from it.”

The course covers theoretical and practical sessions on the technical and organizational aspects of the sport, but most importantly, on how to set up a plan to develop sport in the country.

“There is human material (in Guyana) to be powerful in beach volleyball,” Hernández explained. “But there are serious economic problems that hinder the development of volleyball and beach volleyball in the country. Guyana needs to help to develop beach volleyball and I hope this course is a starting point for them to make medium and long term plans that can develop beach volleyball in school, conduct local tournaments, and participate in international competitions in the future.”

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