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Friendly volleyball tournament held in Gitega

Four teams participated in the friendly volleyball tournament
Gitega, Burundi, June 27, 2013 – Sport Without Borders organized a friendly volleyball tournament in Gitega on Saturday, where four teams, of two women and two men, showcased their talents.

Teams that participated in the tournament include New Dove, St. Teresa High School Mushasha Gitega, Bujumbura and Magarama Volleyball Club Gitega.

Gitega, the second city of Burundi, houses many secondary boarding schools and has long been the nursery of the country in the sport in general and volleyball in particular, according to Louis Rwakiranya, president of the Burundian Volleyball Federation. 

Taking this opportunity, the Burundian Federation of Volleyball joined former national volleyball facilities in Gitega to distribute materials for the tournament, such as nets and balls.

Rwakiranya also expressed his desire to increase opportunities for youths to participate in volleyball.

As the Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, Rukenkanya Adolphethanked the club Bujumbura and FBVB for the initiative. He also announced to the public that this was the FBVB federation's most organized event and he congratulated the President.

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