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Cool Volley Festival makes for a fun day at school in Bangladesh

This initiative shows how Cool Volley can be used to teach volleyball in schools

Dhaka, Bangladesh, November 28, 2012 – Using the FIVB’s We play it Cool campaign, the Australian International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh began a programme on November 19 aimed at attracting youth to participate in indoor volleyball. An initial group of 25 boys and girls are already taking part in the first stage, which will continue until 2014. The school is working with Bangladesh’s national federation, using Cool Volley to build young players’ skills and eventually recruit at a national level.

The programme is being run by Khandker Mohammad Mahbubur Rashid, a recently-accredited Level II coach who is the physical education teacher at the Australian International School. He plans to continue it until 2018.

This initiative is an example of how Cool Volley can be used as an excellent tool for teaching volleyball in schools. Online videos, such as the ones available here, can be used to demonstrate the easy and fun approach of the Cool Volley programme.

Cool Volley aims to provide opportunities for children and young people to enjoy sport, make new friends, learn new skills, acquire habits of self-discipline, learn to cooperate and compete fairly, and occupy their free time.   

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