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French Saint Martin shows off brand new court

A new playing surface donated by NORCECA was installled in French Saint Martin and used for the first time during the first round qualifier towards the 2014 World Championships

Marigot, French St Martin, September 2, 2012 - The FIVB Men’s World Championship Qualification Tournament NORCECA Group D was played on a spanking new polyvinyl surface that heralded in a new era in volleyball in St. Martin.

The court which was a gift from NORCECA and obtained through Sport Court arrived in St Martin in March of 2012. With the assistance of the government, the Volley Association (LVBIN) was able to assemble the court and present it as one of the attractions for the tournament.

President of the Volleyball Association Mr. Thierry Stephens expressed his satisfaction. “The court is part of a programme by our parent organization NORCECA aimed at improving the level of Volleyball in the East Caribbean Region. So in collaboration with Sport Company - Sport Court and the government of French St. Martin, who signed on from the very beginning, we were able to receive this invaluable gift,” he stated.

One home based player- Rotilio Richardson was very happy with the new court. “Before the court arrived we used to play on a vinyl type surface overlaid on concrete. Apart from the presence of moisture or dust that may cause you to slide I much prefer to play on the new court when compared to the old one,” he said.

The president indicated that he received several reports from coaches and other players that the presence of the court would raise the standard of play among the players once they continue to practice and play on it.

“They say that it is much easier on the legs and arms, one is able to move more freely and can do more overall,” Stephens reported.

The president also revealed that it was their intention to submit proposals to host more tournaments in the future. “Next year for sure we intent to request to host a junior tournament then we will determine where we will go from there,” he stated.

The court is replete with the insignia of FSM (French Saint Martin) outline in red amidst the blue playing area.

“This came about as there was one blue title missing during the assemble stage and someone came up with the brilliant idea to use the red tiles to mark the acronym and it worked out fine. I believe that this style will be copied by the others who are yet to receive their courts,” Stephens explained.

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