© 2012 Technical & Development Department
It is my pleasure to present this report on the Volleyball Cooperation Programme
VCP), one of the key initiatives promoting equitable development of Volleyball and
Beach Volleyball across a wide range of nations. As President of the FIVB, I have
committed to keeping development a priority for the organization and a core focus of
our mandate. This report highlights how the VCP concept has helped improve
participation, progress and performance at the grassroots level in 2012.
VCP courses have continued to ensure that Volleyball and Beach Volleyball take firm
roots within countries and regions where exposure to sport is most needed since their
introduction in 1989. Since then, the FIVB has delivered 1,085 courses to 27,074
participants in 122 federations. The courses are delivered in the spirit of fairness and
equal opportunity, and use a collaborative approach that depends on contributions
from local and regional partners to carry out effective, responsive course activities.
We’re proud to note that VCP courses expanded to more remote locations in 2012, in
addition to shoring up Volleyball expertise in established areas with new and higher-
level courses. In all, 47 VCP courses were administered across 45 countries,
attended by 1,418 participants. For some 267 days of the year, there were VCP
courses running somewhere in the world. In 2013 the number of courses will grow
even further. Demand for VCP support is ever increasing, particularly in Asia and the
NORCECA region, which will see unprecedented levels of VCP participation in the
year ahead.
Dr. Ary S. Graça F°
FIVB President