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First-round match schedule set for FIVB Tokyo Beach Volleyball Qualification Tournament

Peng Gao (right) of China hits against Qatar's Cherif Samba - both players will be competing in the FIVB Tokyo Beach Volleyball Qualification Tournament in Haiyang, China
Haiyang, China, September 17, 2019 - The opening match schedule for this week's FIVB Tokyo Beach Volleyball Qualification Tournament in China has been finalized here Tuesday for the first round of contests on the first of the five days of competition.

The opening two matches on centre court will feature host China pairs as Fan Wang/Xinyi leads off the women’s schedule meeting Lena Plesiutschnig/Katharina Schutzenhofer of Austria with Peng Gao and Yang Li playing the first men’s match against Mirco Gerson/Adrian Heidrich of Switzerland.

The next two centre court matches will have 2018 European champions Sanne Keizer/Madelein Meppelink of The Netherlands seeking revenge against Poland's Katarzyna Kociolek/Kinga Wojtasik while Italy’s Marta Menegatti/Viktoria Orsi Toth challenge Elsa Baquerizo/Liliana Fernandez of Spain.

The Polish women defeated Keizer and Meppelink the first weekend of 2019 in The Hague in the only FIVB meeting between the two teams.  Elsa and Liliana have won six of seven international matches with the the Italian women.

The FIVB Tokyo Beach Volleyball Qualification Tournament features four rounds of pool play per gender with the men’s competition concluding on September 21 and September 22 for women. A total of 19 countries will be participating in the event with host China having two teams in each gender’s competition.

With a maximum of one team per country, the 16 teams per gender will be seeking two quota places for their NOC/NF at the beach volleyball tournament of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Here is Wednesday’s schedule where 16 matches per gender will be played featuring a modified pool play format. The top three pairs in each four-team group will advance to the second phase of pool play on Thursday.

Court 1 (gender, pool, match no., all times local, teams, FIVB series record)
Women, A, 1, 9:00, Fan Wang/Xinyi Xia, China vs. Lena Plesiutschnig/Katharina Schutzenhofer, Austria, AUT 1-0
Men, A, 1, 9:50, Peng Gao/Yang Li, China vs. Mirco Gerson/Adrian Heidrich, Switzerland, First meeting
Women, D, 8, 10:50, Sanne Keizer/Madelein Meppelink, Netherlands vs. Katarzyna Kociolek/Kinga Wojtasik, Poland, POL 1-0
Women, B, 4, 12:00, Marta Menegatti/Viktoria Orsi Toth, Italy vs. Elsa Baquerizo/Liliana Fernandez, Spain, ESP 6-1

Court 2 (gender, pool, match no., all times local, teams, FIVB series record)
Men, B, 3, 8:30, Mathias Berntsen/Hendrik Mol, Norway vs. Robin Seidl/Philipp Waller, Austria, First meeting
Women, C, 6, 9:20, Joana Heidrich/Anouk Verge-Depre, Switzerland vs. Tina Graudina/Anastasija Kravcenoka, Latvia, SUI 1-0
Men, D, 7, 10:20, Piotr Kantor/Bartosz Losiak, Poland vs. Esteban Grimalt/Marco Grimalt, Chile, POL 6-0
Men, C, 6, 11:30, Alexander Brouwer/Robert Meeuwsen, Netherlands vs. Martins Plavins/Edgars Tocs, Latvia, LAT 2-1

Court 3 (gender, pool, match no., all times local, teams, FIVB series record)
Women, A, 2, 8:30 Mariia Bocharova/Maria Voronina, Russia vs. Barbora Hermannova/Marketa Slukova, Czech Republic, CZE 1-0
Women, C, 5, 9:20, Heather Bansley/Brandie Wilkerson, Canada vs. Sandra Ittlinger/Chantal Laboureur, Germany, First meeting
Women, D, 7, 10:20, Nicole Laird/Becchara Palmer, Australia vs. Taru Lahti/Anniina Parkkinen, Finland, First meeting
Women, B, 3, 11:30, Carolina Horta/Angela Lavalle, Brazil vs. Miki Ishii/Megumi Murakami, Japan, First meeting

Court 4 (gender, pool, match no., all times local, teams, FIVB series record)
Men, B, 4, 8:30, Nils Ehlers/Lars Fluggen, Germany vs. Adrian Gavira/Pablo Herrera, Spain, First meeting
Men, A, 2, 9:20, Andre Loyola/George Wanderley, Brazil vs. Daniele Lupo/Paolo Nicolai, Italy, ITA 1-0
Men, D, 8, 10:20, Cherif Samba/Ahmed Tijan, Qatar vs. Ondrej Perusic/David Schweiner, Czech Republic, QAT 1-0
Men, C, 5, 11:30, Ilya Leshukov/Konstantin Semenov, Russia vs. Sam Pedlow/Sam Schachter, Canada, RUS 1-0

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