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Another Brazilian shakeup

Alison Cerutti (left) and André Loyola Stein of Brazill have ended their partnership after eight FIVB World Tour appearances together
Vitória, Brazil, March 18, 2019 - In less than a year, there has been another breakup of a highly-ranked Brazilian men's team as Alison Cerutti and André Loyola Stein have ended their partnership after a 17th-place finish last week at the Katara Beach Volleyball Cup in Doha, Qatar.

"It was not an easy decision," said the 24-year old André, who captured the gold medal at the 2017 FIVB World Championships in Vienna with Evandro Goncalves before teaming with Alison last June in the Czech Republic for the first of eight events together.

"We had a lot of expectations, a well-planned project, but unfortunately, we did not get the results," André added.  "It was not for lack of commitment, training and dedication. We are starting the Olympic race and, thinking about the dream we have, to be in Japan next year, I think the time to make that decision was now. I have a lot of respect and affection for Alison, for Leandro, the friendship between us is even stronger after that period.

In eight FIVB World Tour starts together, Alison and André gathered only one medal with a second-place finish last August in Moscow.  The pair amassed one second, one fifth, two ninths, two 17ths and two 25ths together with a 14-15 match record.

"It was André's decision and I have to respect him," said the 33-year old Alison, who captured the gold medal with Bruno Oscar Schmidt at the 2015 FIVB World Championships in The Hague before the pair topped the podium at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

"I understand his side and I'm sad because our team tried everything, worked hard to achieve the results, but they did not come," said Alison, who has collected 23 FIVB World Tour gold medals with five different partners. "Sadly, the duo ends, but a friendship is much stronger than we had before, a very strong relationship, of brothers themselves. It happened suddenly and that is the moment to be calm. I'm not thinking about partner yet. I want to get home and evaluate the options calmly."

In Doha, the Brazilian men posted a pair of ninth-place finishes by Saymon/Barbosa Gustavo "Guto" Carvalhaes and Vitor Felipe/Pedro Solberg, 17ths by Alison/André and Bruno/Evandro and a 25th by Alvaro Filho/Ricardo Santos.

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