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New Rules of the Game implemented with success

The Official Volleyball Rules 2015-16 include new net contact rules
San Juan, Argentina, February 20, 2015 - The South American Men’s Club Championship last week saw UPCN San Juan Voley claim victory and a place at the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship. It also witnessed the succesful implementation of the new Official Volleyball Rules.

FIVB Rules of the Game Commission President Mr Alexander Steel said that the implementation process had been a success: “We applied the new rules of the game including the new net contact rules. I am very satisfied with the experience and am sure referees and players will adapt rapidly. This was the perfect way to “test” the new rules, because it was during an official competition and with professional international-level players.”

The tournament featured high-profile teams and players from Argentina and Brazil, including prominent national team players. Mr Steel added: "There were four very strong teams - two from Argentina and two from Brazil. Both the Brazilian teams included players from the national team, but the Argentinean teams dominated to win gold and bronze."

The new net contact rules, which were among the most eagerly awaited changes to the Rules of the Game, were fully understood by players and referees. The relatively low number of net touch faults during the tournament may also indicate that players have already adapted to the rule changes.

New article 11.3.1. says that "Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing."

Article 11.4.4. on players' faults at the net states that "a player interferes with play by (amongst others):
- touching the net between the antennae or the antenna itself during his/her action of playing the ball,
- using the net between the antennae as a support or stabilizing aid,
- creating an unfair advantage over the opponent by touching the net,
- making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball,
- catching/holding on to the net.

Players close to the ball as it is played, or who are trying to play it, are considered in the action of playing the ball, even if no contact is made with the ball. However, touching the net outside the antenna is not to be considered a fault (except for Rule 9.1.3.)"

Other updates to the Official Volleyball Rules include a change in the number of players who can feature on the score sheets at FIVB competitions – going from 12 to 14 – and changes to the definition of a completed rally and of when a ball is considered as "in". Click here for a complete summary of the rule updates.

The new rules were explained in detail at the General Technical Meeting prior to the South American Men’s Club Championship and implemented across the tournament’s 14 matches.

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