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“Beach Volleyball Babies”

Dr. Thomas Bach with "Beach Volleyball Babies" and volunteers during the IOC president's visit to the competition Tuesday for a women's match between Canada and Latvia at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

Nanjing, China, August 20, 2014 - Despite the players, coaches and officials taking a “rest” day Wednesday at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, the “Beach Volleyball Babies” continued to perform at other event venues.

The “Beach Volleyball Babies” make an appearance at every center court match each day at the sport’s venue located in the Nanjing Sports Park Complex. “We have prepared six routines for every match along with being able to adapt to any situation that develops during the competition,” said Lin Junxian, the trainer for “Beach Volleyball Babies” at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics.

Each of the moves has a different tone. The Chinese Style contains a unique host country flavor, and the Hello Kitty looks like a lovely girl’s dancing, and even the popular group dancing Little Apple is used, and western Latin style Hush Hush and jazz style Broken Heels are presented, and additionally there is a 80’s nostalgic disco dance Small Girl Under Street Lamps.

“The Youth Olympics is a culture event as well as a competition,” said Lin, “I try my best to show all kinds of style in the dancing.”

As a Chinese proverb says that “one minute on the stage takes ten-year practice.”  The “Beach Volleyball Babies” started working on their dance routines two months ago. “I miss my mom and dad very much,” said Jin Chaochao, whose hometown Yuncheng in Shanxi Province is far from Nanjing. “It has been five months since I met them during the Spring Festival.”

The “BBBs” captain Pan Huijuan said “we get up early each day to make up and review the moves. At night, everyone has to make a summary about the performances before going bed, so we sleep no more than five hours a day. We are all tired, but we are enjoying being part of the Youth Olympics.”

The “Beach Volleyball Babies” performance brings freshness to the competition in the main court, as they danced to warm up, interacted with audiences and form the welcome pass for the players.

“It is a test when we dance in the center of the main court,” said the 19-year-old Rao Siqi, the youngest of the “Beach Volleyball Babies”. “I am a little bit tense when demonstrating in front of all over the world,”

The beach volleyball babies consist of four men and 12 women from China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing.  They were picked from the "Star of Cheerleaders", which was organised by Lin.

The members of the “Beach Volleyball Babies” are Sun Chenghao, Cui Kangkang, Jin Chaochao, Lu Sihong, Pan Huijuan, Luo Yu, He Xuan, Su Fan, Shen Qian, Wang Huiyang, Rao Siqi, Zeng Weiqing, Sun Xiaofan, Zhang Lejia, Cao Zhouying and Yang Yi.

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