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Legend: NT = National Tour, U15 = Under 15, U17 = Under 17, etc...
For FIVB recognition of a National Tour, the NF concerned is required to abide by the following regulations:
1.  Each NF willing to stage a National Tour must request FIVB the recognition of its event(s) providing the FIVB with its complete calendar featuring the prize money (if any), hosting cities, gender and dates of the events. Such a National Tour should feature at least three events; however, the FIVB may also homologate National Championship with only one or two event(s) as a National Tour.
2.  Each host NF must request such recognition from FIVB through the appropriate form (National Tour Homologation form) available on the FIVB website: 
The host NF must send the duly filled, signed and sealed form to the concerned Continental Confederation for its approval. The respective Continental Confederation, if it approves the National Tour, will sign and seal the form and send it to the FIVB for its homologation.
3.  The name of another sports organization or promoter cannot be featured in the title of a National Tour.
For the international players’ participation in National Tour, the hosting and participating National Federations are required to abide by the following regulations:
a. Only registered athletes being in good standing with the FIVB and with the respective NF may take part in a National Tour.
b. Foreign players may be invited to a National Tour only through their respective NF.
c. International players’ participation should be agreed between the hosting NF and the participating NF. As long as the both NFs concerned agree, there is no restriction on the number of events that a foreign athlete can participate in. The FIVB does not control over the international players’ participation, except the case mentioned below.
4.  In case of a clash with a World Tour / Senior World Championships event, top 64 ranked athlete in the individual ranking of each gender (30 days prior to the event), except the hosting country teams, cannot take part in such a National Tour leg unless authorized by the FIVB through a dedicated form. The hosting country teams can participate in a National Tour if they are not required by the FIVB for the World Tour event concerned.
5.  Foreign teams can only be featured with the names of the athletes while they cannot be promoted as representatives of their country.
6.  Players taking part in a National Tour event not sanctioned by the parties concerned (the FIVB, the respective Continental Confederation and the hosting NF) are liable to disqualification and they can lose their eligibility for any Volleyball and Beach Volleyball National event, Continental events and FIVB events including World Championships and the Olympic Games.
7.  Youth/Junior National Tours must also undergo through the above homologation process if the organisers are willing to invite foreign teams.