FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship 2014

Press release

“The first set was the key” said German coach Heynen

Press conference of the match Germany v Cuba

Katowice, Poland, September 3, 2014- 

Germany Coach, Vital Heynen: 

I’ve a problem because I don’t have statistics and I will try to find some explanation.  
Very good first set leads to very good feeling in the team, we were spiking and attacking very well. The first set was the key to the victory. 

Germany Captain, Jochen Schöps:

We’re happy for the victory. Or game was different from the match with Brazil - we were always ahead with 2 or 3 points and it was easier to keep the pressure, play like that and it made a difference 

Cuba Coach, Rodolfo Sanchez:

From the beginning it seemed that we didn’t believed in victory. Losing the first game [with Finland] stayed in mind of our young players. Of course congratulations to the German team, they played really well.  

Cuba Captain, Rolando Cepeda Abreau 

I want to congratulate German team, from the beginning they put a lot of pressure on us and we couldn’t deal with that. 

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