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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Argentina beat Japan 3-2 (25-21, 21-25, 25-27, 25-21, 16-14) - duration 2:17
04-Oct, start time: 21:10, end time: 23:27 - Attendance: 10,250
Argentina remains unbeaten after thriller against Japan
Host Argentina defeated Japan and took its fourth consecutive win during the 2002 Men's World Championship. Together with Italy, Argentina is the leader of second round Pool G. Their next rival will be Bulgaria, while Japan will face Italy next Saturday.
Argentina started the match watched by more than 10,000 fans with a 6-2 lead. Japan equaled the match after four unforced errors of their opponents. The set stayed equal until 13-13. Then, Argentina took the lead again and with six attacks of star Marcos Milinkovic, the South Americans managed to get the first set (25-21).
Argentina had a better start in the second set, but with six attacks of Takahiro Yamamoto the Japanese team took the lead for the first time (16-12). The eight Argentine mistakes helped the Japanese to make six point gap The 70% in reception improved the amazing Asians to close the set at 25-21.
In an exciting start of the third set, Argentina knew how to overcome their imprecision.
Coach Carlos Getzelevich decided to bring Santiago Darraidou to the court to replace the inefficient Marcos Milinkovic (12% in attack at this stage). Finally, in a extremely close end of the set (Six points for Argentine Gaston Giani and six scored of Japanese Yoichi Kato) the set went for the Orientals.
In the fourth set, Jorge Elgueta was replace by Gustavo Porporatto who contributed to give Argentina a 8-4 lead. The 82% in reception of the local hero's plus four points of Alejandro Spajic brought the home team to a tiebreaker.
In the fifth set, Japan was leading 9-6, thanks to three points of Takahiro Yamamoto. But Argentina equaled at 11-11. The Argentine block improved. Thanks to five points of Milinkovic, Argentina won the match in a incredible way, converting the second match point.
Japanese Takahiro Yamamoto was the best scorer of the match with 24 points, followed by Marcos Milinkovic (22).