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Women's Volleyball Olympic Games 200

Press conference

China beat Russia 3-2 (28-30, 25-27, 25-20, 25-23, 15-12) - duration 2:19
28-Aug, start time: 20:10, end time: 22:29 - Attendance: 4'242
City: Athens; Hall : Peace and Friendship Stadium
Ekaterina GAMOVA (RUS) - wing spiker

"Our team has something to aspire for."

On what she thinks about today's match:

"It is really hard to distinguish between the sets. We kept on fighting and struggling until the end."

On what their team lacked of today:

"We do not know. We will discuss and analyse the match thoroughly and announce it in public."

On the Olympic Games:

"The Olympic Games are a kind of holiday for everyone. You should not forget that we come here to compete and apply a lot of our energy to them."

Kun FENG (CHN) - captain

"I am very happy for our victory today. It was our goal for the past four years. We kept on going until the last minute and we managed to make it at the end."

On what they thought before their victory:

"We did not think about anything before our victory. We just fought for the victory and the gold medal."

On why they run around whenever they won a point:

"Actually, it is a way of cheering us up. We did that even when we lost a point."

On the Olympic Games:

"It is my first participation in the Olympic Games. I really enjoyed this experience."

Nikolay KARPOL (RUS) - head coach

"I fully share and support my player's opinion and evaluation."

On his long experience as a head coach:

"I, indeed, have a lot of years of experience as a head coach. I have five finals to remember. I have two gold medals and three silver medals to remember in my time. A lot of time has passed as a head coach and I think that the time has come to finish my years of coaching."

On how he feels that in these Olympic Games China has gained more medals than Russia:

"There was a time when China learned a lot from the former USSR. Now, it is time for us to learn from China, especially, anything relative to good government policy towards sports."

Zhonghe CHEN (CHN) - head coach

"I have the same feelings and opinion as my team's player."

On a letter from a Chinese enterprise granting him a villa if he won the gold medal:

"I am not aware of anything like that."

On how he found the courage to go on at the fourth set:

"We have no secrets. After the first two sets, I told my team's players to go on fighting and that they can make it. All sets were very close. As you saw, we had courage and we kept on fighting."

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