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Women s Olympic Games 2004 - Press Conference

Press conference

China beat Russia 3-0 (25-15, 25-16, 28-26) - duration 1:20
22-Aug, start time: 14:00, end time: 15:20 - Attendance: 6'320
City: Athens; Hall : Peace and Friendship Stadium
Evgenya ARTAMONOVA (RUS) - captain

"The team of China was very strong today. We did our best and this is what our best was for today's match."

Kun FENG (CHN) - captain

"Today, all the team's members proved their excellence. They were all very good. Our service and spikes were very good and powerful."

Nikolay KARPOL (RUS) - head coach

"I have the same opinion with the captain of my team."

On why they did not have many fans today:

"It is the first match that we play in the morning. Most of our matches were at night and that must be the reason why we did not have many supporters."

On why the Russian players seemed to be of their game:

"It is the first time we play during the morning. We are used to playing in the evening. We did not have much time to train. We really liked the way the team of China performed today. Until the third set they made no mistakes."

On whether they think that China can be Olympic champions:

"It is really difficult to say. There are 10 good teams in this tournament. All could equally be the gold medal winners. Only Kenya and the Dominican Republic are out of the quation."

Zhonghe CHEN (CHN) - head coach

"I agree with my captain. Specifically, we knew how the Russian team would play and we were prepared. It was one of our best performances since the beginning of this tournament. It was a great match."

On whether they expected to lead such a strong team:

"Traditionally, Russia is a very strong team. They have two very good setters. We were well prepared for this match. The Russian players' pace went down and that is why we managed to win."
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